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Welcome To Lotus App Documentation Page

Firstly, a huge thanks for your interest on getting Lotus App for your Shop!

This document covers the installation and gives solutions to common problems and issues - read this document thoroughly if you are experiencing any difficulties.

Installation of Lotus App.

  1. Get the App on Shopify Apps Store by clicking on Get Started button from Lotus App Home page.
  2. Clik Get button.
    • After you click Get, you need to authorize the app in your Shopify admin.

  3. If you are redirected to the setup page then very well !! You have just completed the installation of Lotus App for your Shop. Now let's see how to use the app!

How to use Lotus App

In order to fully benefit from all the features of Lotus you have to connect the app to your social accounts: Twitter, Facebook and Instangram.

  1. Connect Lotus to Twitter
    • On the setup page of the app click on the Connect Twitter Account button to connect the App to your Twitter Account. After connected in to your Twitter account, you will be redirected to the Twitter Interface of the app.
    • On the App Interface for twitter you must Set and Save an custom message that will be used to Tweet your Shop new products. If you done it, you have finished setup Lotus for Twitter. So from now on the new products of your Shop will be Tweeted automatically on the Twitter account that you connected to Lotus.
    • Note: Only one twitter account can be linked to one store.

How to uninstall

You can remove an app from your store from the Apps page in Shopify:

  1. From your Shopify admin, go to Apps.
  2. Locate the app, and click the garbage can.

  3. Click Delete.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Is there all frequently asked questions and they answers:

  1. Do I need a Twitter account to use this app?
    • Yes a Twitter account is required to use this app. To create a Twitter account please go to Create Twitter Account and complete the steps as indicated.

  2. How long does it take to set it up?
    • This software is automated you can set it up in 5 min.

  3. Are you planning to add more features?
    • Absolutely we working hard to improve our app. If you have any feature request or ideas of our this app can be improve, please feel free to get in touch at hello@trybeans.com.

  4. Do you provide installation assistance and customization?
    • Yes, we can get an engineer to do a custom integration for you. Please note that you will be charged a fee for that.

  5. Is it possible to contact a sales to discuss my needs and can I have a private demo?
    • Absolutely you can get in touch with our sales team at hello@trybeans.com or call us on 650-449-7300.